Looking to make a big splash for a special man's 50th birthday? Dive into our guide for personalized 50th birthday gifts and 50th birthday ideas on throwing an unforgettable birthday celebration. From classic pub grub dinners to themed 50th birthday parties, we've got the inspiration you need to honour the big five-oh in style! And for that extra special touch, don't forget to explore our curated selection of personalized 50th birthday gifts.

What to Do for a Man on His 50th Birthday?

a man receives a personalised 50th birthday gift
When it comes to celebrating a man's 50th birthday, consider planning a memorable gathering with close friends and family. Whether it's a barbecue in the back garden, a themed party, or a weekend getaway, plan some fun 50th birthday activities that reflect his interests and passions.

What Should You Write in a 50th Birthday Card for a Man?

We know that the struggle is real when trying to decide what to write in a 50th birthday card for a man. Our tips are to:

  • Highlight fond memories you share
  • Offer words of encouragement for his future
  • Say how thankful you are to know him
  • Quote his favourite song or poem
  • Tell a joke

Just keep the tone light-hearted and don't overthink it. The most meaningful 50th birthday cards always come from the heart

How Can You Celebrate a Man's 50th Birthday?

celebrate a mans 50th birthday with the best personalised 50th birthday gifts
Celebrating a man's 50th birthday should be a fun-filled time with incredible gifts, bonding with family and friends and barrels of laughs. Here are some 50th birthday ideas to make his milestone birthday truly special:

  1. Plan a Surprise Party: Coordinate with his friends and family to throw a surprise party tailored to his tastes. Whether it's a fun gathering at the local pub or a sophisticated affair at a traditional country house, seeing loved ones gathered in celebration can be a heartwarming experience.
  2. Organize a Weekend Getaway: Treat him to a weekend getaway to a picturesque destination in the National Parks, bustling city or a charming coastal town. Whether it's a staycation in a quaint bed and breakfast or an adventure-packed trip exploring historic landmarks, the time away will create lasting memories.
  3. Host a Themed Party: Get creative with a themed 50th birthday party based on his favourite era, film or just general pop culture. Whether it's a roaring '20s soirée, a cricket-themed garden party, or a whisky-tasting evening featuring the finest Scotch whiskies, a themed 50th birthday party unites his loved ones while adding fun and creativity to the occasion.
  4. Take Him Out for Dinner:  Treat him to a special dinner at a nice restaurant serving classic dishes with a modern twist or explore a gastropub known for its hearty fare and welcoming atmosphere. For a more relaxed vibe, consider taking him for some classic pub grub at a local hotspot where he can enjoy good food and great company.
  5. Arrange a Fun Day Out: Treat him to a unique 50th birthday experience showcasing the best of British culture and traditions, such as a guided tour of a historic castle, a round of golf at a prestigious course, or a scenic cruise along the River Thames. Experiential gifts create lasting memories and show that you've put thought into his celebration.

Remember, the key to celebrating a man's 50th birthday is to focus on what makes him happy and to create moments that reflect his personality and passions. Whether it's a grand gesture or a heartfelt sentiment, the effort you put into planning will undoubtedly be appreciated. Cheers to a memorable celebration!

10 Personalized 50th Birthday Gifts For Him

1. Personalized Whisky Stones

personalised whisky stones make the best 50th birthday gift for him
Price Range: $34.95- $39.95

First on our list of the best personalized 50th birthday gifts is one for whisky lovers. These personalized whisky stones are the perfect addition to his drinking ritual. Crafted to keep his whisky cool without diluting its rich flavours, they offer a touch of sophistication to his evening drink. Engrave them with his initials or a special message for a thoughtful touch that adds a personal flair to his barware collection.

2. Personalized 'On This Day' Book for His Favorite Football Team

Price Range: $24.95

Is your special man a bonafide football fanatic? Then you can't go wrong with our next personalized 50th birthday gift. Delve into the rich history of his favorite football team with a personalized 'On this Day' book. Filled with memorable moments and historic victories, each page takes him on a nostalgic journey through the highs and lows of his team's journey.

3. Personalized Chrome Lighter

Price Range: $24.95-$44.95

Add a touch of style to his everyday carry with a personalized chrome lighter. Whether he's lighting a cigar or a candle, this sleek 50th birthday gift accessory is sure to make a statement. Engrave his name or a meaningful date for a unique touch that he'll appreciate every time he reaches for it.

4. Engraved Moleskine Notebook

give an engraved notebook as a special 50th birthday gift for him
Price Range: $
20 - $50

Our next personalized 50th birthday gift for him is one for the men who are always jotting down ideas or sketching new designs. Inspire his creativity with an engraved Moleskine notebook that exudes elegance and quality. Perfect for jotting down thoughts, ideas, and sketches, it's a timeless accessory that he'll reach for time and time again. Personalize the cover with his name or a motivational quote to make it truly his own, encouraging him to capture his dreams on its pages.

5. Family Ancestry

Price Range: $49
If he's interested in his family tree, why not honour his heritage with an ancestry DNA test. He will be able to trace back where he is from and where is family came from. This fun interactive test will open new chapters and opportunites he might have not known about himself.

6. Personalized Tool Belt

give a personalised tool belt as a personalised 50th birthday gift
Price Range: $84.99

Equip him for the numerous DIY projects you'll sign him up for with a personalized tool belt. Crafted with durable materials and plenty of pockets, it keeps his tools organised and easily accessible. Add his name or a witty slogan for a personal touch that makes him feel like a master craftsman every time he wears it.

7. Personalized BBQ Branding Iron

50th birthday gifts for him includes a branding iron
Price Range: $24.99 - $49.99

Take his grilling game to the next level with a personalized BBQ branding iron. Whether he's hosting a backyard barbecue or a camping trip, this unique 50th birthday gift allows him to leave his mark on every steak or burger he cooks. It's a fun and memorable addition to his outdoor gatherings.

8. Personalized Apron

Price Range: $14.99-$29.99
Our next personalized 50th birthday gift is going to make him feel like the king of the kitchen. Whether he's cooking up a storm or grilling outdoors, a personalized apron keeps him looking sharp while protecting his clothes from spills and stains. Add his name or a fun culinary-themed design for a personal touch that's sure to put a smile on his face each time he's whipping up a storm.

9. Activity Gift Card

give an activity gift card as the best personalised 50th birthday gift
Price Range: $
25 - $200
Unleash his adventurous side with an activity gift card from Activitygift.  With only one gift card for activities, he can choose from over 50,000 gift experiences worldwide. What makes it personalized? You can add your phone photo and message to reflect his taste. With his Activitygift, he can browse incredible gift experiences online that will help him reconnect with his hobbies, discover new passions and make new memories. From:

With Activitygift, you let him choose his own adventure, making his 50th birthday one to remember.

10. A Gift Card for Flights

one of the best personalised 50th birthday gifts is an airline gift card from flightgift
Price Range:
$25 - $5,000
Is your beloved 50-year-old an avid traveller? Has he always dreamed of visiting Bruges, Portugal or Rome?  Then you can't go wrong with the last item on our list of personalized 50th birthday gifts for him - a gift card for flights. With only one flight gift card, he can easily redeem it online with flights with over 400 major airlines that fly to over 980 incredible global destinations. From Marrakech to New Zealand, our flight gift vouchers open up the world and allow him to plan the holiday of his dreams.
You can choose from 3 convenient gift card formats depending on how you want him to receive it:

  • An eGift that lands in his inbox in 5 minutes (a great last-minute gift solution!)
  • A PDF that gets emailed to you to print at home and hand over in person
  • A beautiful physical flight gift card printed on quality card and delivered free worldwide

Once he receives this incredible personalized 50th birthday gift, he can easily redeem it online via our booking platform. And if he has any questions along the way? Our 24/7 customer service team is always on hand to help.

Have our list of personalized 50th birthday gifts helped?

We hope our list of the best personalized 50th birthday gifts for him has helped you along your gift giving journey. From luxury gift cards for flights to personalized football books, we're confident you'll pick a special 50th birthday gift that will truly blow him away.