Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to express your love and appreciation for the incredible woman who brought you into this world. Rather than opting for the usual flowers or chocolates, why not surprise her with a thoughtful, personalized gift for mom that shows you've put in extra effort and care? In this blog, we'll explore six personalized Mother's Day gifts that will make her day truly special.

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6 Personalized Mother's Day Gifts 2024

1. Calendar with Family Photos

Have mom unwrap memories all year long with a personalized photo calendar. Opt to customize pre-made templates or show your artistic side by designing and printing your own calendar. Fill each new page with a unique shared memory and she’ll be sure to look forward to the start of each month.

Want to make your gift extra special? Go back in time and pull photos from the early motherhood days, when you were still a baby or child. Warning: This custom mothers day gift may require a box of tissues to wipe those happy tears!

2. Family Photo Album

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In a world where our phones can hold thousands of photos, traditional photo albums seem to be a thing of the past. But they don’t have to be! Take the time to select 20-30 cherished family photos and create a personalized photo book for mom to look through. This thoughtful gift is sure to bring a smile to her face.

And here's a pro tip: rally the troops! Get other family members to chip in their favorite mom moments to add even more memories to this unforgettable mothers day book! 

3. A Trip to Visit YOU!

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When Mother’s Day comes around you might find yourself asking mom, “What do you really want for mother’s day?” The most common response to what moms really want for their special day — quality time with you! It may seem silly, but with the busy days what really lights up Mom's world on Mother’s Day is just being with her kids.

If you live in a different city, state, or even country why not surprise your mom with a trip to visit you! With an airline gift card you can add whatever amount fits your budget and she will be able to redeem her travels whenever she likes. The best part? You can customize your airline gift card with a sweet photo and message special for mom!

4. Make her Brunch in Bed

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Breakfast in bed may seem like the thing you would do with your dad as kids to surprise mom, but the tradition doesn’t have to stop. Depending on where you live, you can arrange to come early to moms house and pull out all the stops for this Mother's Day brunch feast.  Whip up some homemade waffles, lather on the maple syrup, and get a fresh cup of coffee ready. Whether or not you present the brunch in bed or grandly on the dining table, she will love the thoughtfulness and tasty meal.

5.  Plan a Day Together

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This might seem like a given, but instead of just stopping  by to pass your gift to mom, plan a whole day special for the two of you. Create a day itinerary for you to do together, from breakfast to shopping or even the simpleness of going on a hike. Curate this day to her interests, after all you know mom best!  Make sure she knows all she has to do is show up, you’ve got the rest.

6. Dinner Reservations
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Alright, let's give Mom a break from kitchen duty, shall we? After all those years of cooking meals, it's time to turn the tables! Instead of the usual "Mom, what's for dinner?" routine, how about she asks you for a change?

This Mother’s Day, flip the script and treat her to a special meal out. Pick her favorite restaurant or try something new – the choice is yours! And hey, it doesn't even have to be on Mother’s Day itself. Make it a surprise by booking a reservation and handing her the details like a golden ticket to deliciousness. Who knows, it might just become a cherished tradition for years to come!

Which of these personalized Mother's Day gifts will you give?
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While the classics like flowers, chocolates, and jewelery are sweet as can be, we've shown you how to make your mother feel special this Mother’s Day. Whether you choose to share memories with mom by putting together of cherished photo album or opt to create new memories and gifting an airline gift card, she is sure to smile at the thoughtfulness of your gift this year!