If you're planning a trip to Holland, then you're probably heading to Amsterdam to explore the iconic Dutch city filled with canals, bikes, coffeeshops, and stroopwaffles. While Amsterdam is a city worth exploring, the Netherlands offers much more than just its capital. Some of the country’s other cities are just as beautiful and far less crowded, providing the perfect backdrop for picturesque adventures, without the tourist traps. Before we dive into our favorite Dutch cities, let us introduce you to the tulip filled country that is Holland!

holland tulips

Is Holland the same as the Netherlands?

"Holland" is commonly used as a nickname for "the Netherlands," but strictly speaking, it refers specifically to two of its provinces: North Holland and South Holland. So, while Holland is part of the Netherlands, the Netherlands encompasses more than just Holland. However, colloquially, people often refer to the entire country as Holland, which is why the terms are often used interchangeably in everyday conversation.

Do they speak english in the Netherlands?

Yes! English is widely spoken and understood in the Netherlands, especially in urban areas. Many Dutch people are fluent in English, and it's commonly used in business, education, and tourism. So, if you're visiting the Netherlands and don't speak Dutch, you'll likely have no trouble communicating in English.

When is the best time to visit Holland?

The best time to visit Holland is typically during the spring months, from April to May. This is when the famous Dutch tulip fields are in full bloom, painting the countryside with vibrant colors.  However, if you're interested in experiencing Dutch culture and festivities, you might also consider visiting during the summer months when the weather is warmer and ,pre dry.


utrecht in summer

A 30-minute train ride from Amsterdam is the charming province of Utrecht. Embodying traditional Dutch characteristics (thinks canals, cobblestone streets, and wonky houses), the city has been steadily growing in popularity. If you’re planning a visit in summer, Utrecht is ideal to enjoy the canals — with several canal-side bars and restaurants. Looking for something more adventurous? Rent a kayak or boat, and explore the city from the water. Stay at the Crowne Plaza Utrecht, to be in the city center.


If you’re longing for a city with the feel of Amsterdam, but without the crowds, escape to Leiden. The quaint university city is home to several windmills, plenty of churches, and picturesque canals. You’ll also have the opportunity to soak up architecture dating back centuries. Don’t miss out on Leiden’s Street Market — with several stalls peddling clothes, street food, and interesting knick-knacks.

street in volendam

The popular fishing village of Volendam is just 20km from Amsterdam and has everything you would expect from a quintessential Dutch town. Armed with five centuries of rich history, the isolated fishing village is the best place to see everything from traditional houses to wooden shoes. If you’re considering a trip, wander along the harbor to experience the bustling town.

library in maastricht

As the country’s southernmost city, Maastricht is nestled between the borders of Belgium and Germany. If you’re hunting for an escape to the countryside, the 2.5-hour train to the city will provide you with just this — think sweeping Dutch landscapes, decorated with windmills and farm animals. Make sure to save some time to visit the Dominicanen, a bookshop housed in an old church. For a dose of refinement and relaxation, stay at the Townhouse Design Hotel & Spa, located in the heart of Maastricht.


cheese market in gouda

Besides lending its name to one of the world’s most popular cheeses, Gouda ranks among the oldest cities in the Netherlands. This city is perfect for day trips, home to historical buildings and landmarks. Must-see highlights include the Waag, Sint-Jnaskerk, and city hall. No trip here is complete without sampling its cheese. Visit the cheese markets or the Gouda Cheese Experience. Short on time? Gouda’s small size also makes it the perfect destination for a day trip.

Flights to the Netherlands

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Dutch cities besides Amsterdam: Last thoughts

So which Dutch city will you be busy exploring? Make the most of your time in the Netherlands, and create memories of a lifetime. Dive in, for some of the most beautiful Dutch cities across the country.